We often believe that everything must follow a rule, perhaps any path or direction to reach a perfect masterpiece, but there are individuals that just break the rules and let creativity just flow, pushing boundaries further and creating exquisite fashion masterpieces. The fashion industry has many dreamers and action-takers; however, one man has delighted the audience with his unique designs taking the fashion industry to the next level; he is Justin Haynes.

The level of work he has been doing, his vision and talent have made him a leader, an influential fashion personality with a leading fashion brand to his credit name JUS10H. Today, Justin Haynes is an international fashion designer who has been praised on runways in America and other parts of the world for his avant-gardist designs. Talking to us about his life and career, Justin provided a peek into his experience in the high couture industry.

So, where and when were you born?

I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on October 28th 1981.

What was your first approach to the fashion industry? How old were you and how did it happen?

This is a childhood dream. I fell in love with fashion in Middle School. I always styled my friends for their proms and other events. I started working at the GAP at the age of 15, working there for 19 years, then I move to luxury retail and stayed there for 5 years. During that time my dad became ill. I had a choice to relocate with a huge salary or start my own so I launched my own clothing line at the age of 29.

Was fashion always your first choice?

Fashion is and will be my first choice. I love working with all things fashion.

Did your family help you to follow your career?

Yes, actually my mom was very supportive, I started my career with zero dollars. It was my mom and sister who funded my very first event.

Was there some figure you admired when you were a child? Does it inspire you nowadays the same as it did back then?

Yes, a famous designer: Ben Sherman. His ability to remain consistent in this industry is amazing also the person who I admired when I was a child and I still admire to date, the one who taught me how to sew, Ms. Jessie Daniels.

How does industry work? How do you get people to notice your work?

My industry works just like any other, you have to know your craft, you must polish it every day. People notice your work by great content, marketing and having great customers. You can’t sell trash and think people will continue to support you.

What do you have in mind for your future?

To be a household name in the fashion industry all across the world.

What’s your fashion designing style? For someone who doesn’t know too much about fashion, I get that strategy is extremely important

My style of designing and creating is unique. I make only one of each garment, this helps to keep my customers one of a kind. Most of the times I just sit and just create. Sketching and mapping out sometimes takes time. I like to dive right into a garment and create, my customers know that they just give me a brief concept, color and I do the rest.

What kind of friends had you made there? Do you believe in Teamwork?

Teamwork and collaboration are very important. Some things can’t do without a team of individuals.

Do you feel lucky or blessed to get the chance to develop yourself as a fashion designer?

I’m blessed. God has granted me the ability to do what I do, many don’t have this option, I am thankful to God every day.

How do you balance life among work, family and friends?

It is hard having a thriving clothing brand. Social life is out of the window. For me, my clients come first, if I have to stay up all night to get it done, so be it.

How do you think your career has helped you to become a better person?

It has taught me patience. Lessons come every day in this industry. It’s up to each of us to learn from them and do better or ignore the lesson and the struggle

Do you have a meaningful story to share about your life? I get you have many important thoughts to share

I have many to share, this interview will be 30 pages long if I share them all. Just know I’m thankful the many accomplishments that God has granted me this far, with many more to come.

What is your advice for kids who want to follow your steps?

If you start… finish. There is nothing worse than starting something and not seeing it all through. That makes you inconsistent and not appealing. Stay consistent through the good and the bad. Quitters never win. Practice every day and learn, know your craft well, evolve and never get comfortable.

Understanding trend, learning each day, evolve, wise words from Justin Haynes a man who follow his dreams and now he is becoming one of the leading names in apparel industry, with innovative collections we know we will hear about him in the coming years.



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